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The Treasury of Candles is a proud supporter of BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association) who are located in Ubud, Bali.

Treasury Of Candle

Earlier this year whilst holidaying in Kuta I came across a beautiful ginger and white cat at Arjuna Futsal, a local physical fitness centre.

This young cat had a badly injured left front leg after being hit by a motor bike and was in a lot of pain, so I called the BAWA hotline and the ambulance and vet came to pick him up.

As is customary when BAWA admits a dog or cat to a vet clinic for treatment it is given a name, so I called him Arjuna because of where I found him.

Arjuna’s leg injury was so severe he required an amputation.

Treasury Of Candle

He spent some time in the clinic recovering from his surgery which also included him being sterilised and vaccinated.

This little guy undoubtedly stole my heart and the wonderful staff at BAWA kept me updated of his progress with photos even after I had left Bali.

More recently Arjuna was admitted back to a clinic with a chronic respiratory infection but being the “tough boy” he is, he rallied and again, I was kept up to date of his progress.

Arjuna lives at the BAWA office now and is a fully fledged “staff member” where he takes on the role of Guard cat making sure no others cats come in, receptionist, supervisor and opinion giver on photos and social media and chief tester of all the new donated blankets that arrive in to the office.

Treasury Of Candle

We at Treasury of Candles have helped pay for the surgery for Arjuna, however there are countless other animals that need assistance.

The good news is that YOU can help.

The Bali Street Dog Fund (Australia), who are the partner organisation to BAWA are holding their annual fundraiser “Bali Nights” in Melbourne on Friday 20th October at the Melbourne Town Hall.

Treasury of Candles have donated 2 of our candles to aid in the fundraising.

There are many other wonderful items up for auction also.

All money raised from this 3 hour Cocktail Party with a main and silent auction will go to BAWA which will help financially support three of their many programs, namely Ambulance, Spay/Neuter and Education.

Treasury Of Candle

For any of our Facebook supporters who live in Melbourne who may be interested in attending Bali Nights, please click on the link below to see how to book tickets.

If you would like to see the wonderful work BAWA does and learn more about their programs please visit their website – to make a donation to help those who are in desperate need of veterinary attention like Arjuna was, donations can be made by clicking on the following link - You can also keep up to date with their daily work via Facebook - Bali Animal Welfare Association.

If you are an animal lover, I urge you to donate. BAWA are a wonderful organisation that truly care about the welfare of animals, and they need your assistance to carry on their work.

Without BAWA, Arjuna would most certainly have lost his life.

John – Treasury Of Candles

PS: As an extra bonus, any donation over $30 will get you a 10% discount on your next candle order.

Please view these 2 short videos of Arjuna. He really is a little sweetie.
You too can help cats and dogs and other animals that need help.

Arjuna BEFORE his leg amputation

Arjuna AFTER his leg amputation

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Click Here to go to "Bali Nights 2017":

For those located in Melbourne...
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