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Notes of Tonka, balsam, and creamy vanilla, followed by Clove, cinnamon, and black tea, topped with Blackberry, lychee, bergamot

When asked to embody the spirit of the orient and Imperial China into a 100% Natural Soy Blend candle, with a burn time of up to 80 hours - one of the most respected perfumists in Paris knew exactly what he wanted to do... combine the sweet smells of the lychee with the earthy tones of black tea. To say he succeeded is an understatement.

The moment you light the hand centered all natural fibre wick of your Lychee and Black Tea Candle - you will immediately detect the very intoxicating scent of lychee... a scent close to that of a very juicy grape, which is aqueous, delicately rosy and temperately sweet... followed by the earthy smell of black tea, with overtones of sweet smoke... reminiscent of a dry autumn day. Next you will sense Tonka Beans... grown and harvested in the narrow strip of land, just 10 degrees of latitude North and South of the equator, called the chocolate belt... along with a hint of creamy vanilla from the jungles of Madagascar. Finally, you will experience the wonderful smells of clove, cinnamon, blackberry and bergamot... intertwined with the woodsy smell of pure balsam from the Pacific North West of The United States. The Lychee and Black Tea Candle is truly a spectacular tour de force.

Of course, your experience will be further heightened when a special gift is revealed to you, as your scent filled evening wears on, and the romantic flicker of your candle burns. A true gift... a gorgeous ring... will be uncovered from within the centre of your candle - a ring for you to wear - worth between $25.00 and $7,500.00 - a ring that will be a reminder of the special evening when it was unveiled - a heartfelt reminder that will last a lifetime.
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