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Notes of Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Powder and Tonka Beans, layered with the sweet scent of Candied Orange Peel, and finished with the subtle smells of Lemon, Grapefruit and Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

On a winter’s day in 1615, France's King, Louis XII, married the love of his life, Anne of Austria, who (for the very first time) introduced the warm and inviting tastes (and smells) of chocolate to the French people. Since that time, many years ago, France has gone on to become the epicenter of fine chocolate and chocolatiers. It's with this sense of history, pride and tradition that the 100% Natural Soy Blend Wax Chocolate Orange Truffle Candle was born...

From the moment you light the hand centered all natural fibre wick of your candle, your senses will be flooded with the romantic and exotic smells of Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Powder and Tonka Beans... grown and harvested in the narrow strip of land, just 10 degrees of latitude North and South of the equator, called the chocolate belt. These wonderful chocolate smells will be followed by the clean, sweet scent of Candied Orange Peel - like those found since 1761 in A la Mere de Famillie - the oldest purveyors of sweets in all of Paris. Finally, you will be surrounded by the subtle smells of Lemon, Grapefruit and Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice... bright notes topping the complex, deep, and warm smells that will fill your room and your heart.

Of course - your Chocolate Orange Truffle Candle holds the ultimate gift! As your special candle burns for up to 80 hours, a ring for you to wear - worth between $25.00 and $7,500.00 will be revealed. This beautiful keepsake will forever hold the memories, thoughts and dreams that were shared when your candle filled your evening with the warmth of light, and the romance of chocolate and orange truffle scents.
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